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July 23, 2014



Gracie is so darn cut I just want to give her lots of smooches on those lovely little cheeks of hers. So happy that you were able to have her when you did.
Keep up the faith Mary, you'll soon know all the results and what to do next. Keeping you in my prayers!

Lynne Hurlburt

Hi Mary: Sure love seeing the pictures of Gracie. So keep them coming. Sure hope they find your problem real soon. I haven't been well either but better the past few days. Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne

Marta Burke

Gracie is just so adorable! And incredibly photogenic! Love to see all your photos of her. You do such a nice job with the project Life/Stampin' Up.

Mary, I'm so sorry to hear that you've been so sick. I'll be praying that with all these tests the doctors will get to the bottom of this and have the wisdom to treat it properly. Glad the antibiotic seems to be helping and looking forward to hearing that you are all better soon.

{{Hugs}} Marta


I'm so sorry you've been so sick, Mary! Oh my gosh, what a temperature! I'm glad the medication is helping you. I sure hope they figure out what it is that you have and I hope they can treat it.

Gracie is so adorable. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Joan B

Mary, I am so very sorry to read about your illness. I hope it is Lymes and that it responds to treatment fully. Keep us posted! Grace is a doll, pure and simple. Your love for her and hers for you shines through.

Stay well

Gina Wrona

Omg mary I had no idea what you're going through. I will continue to pray for you.


Oh, Mary... I hope you got good news from your doctor. Sometimes knowing what you have is half a battle. Keep up the positive thinking! Take care of yourself!
Sweet pages of Gracie. The polka-dot journaling card looks great on the first one. She is so darling!

Peggy Maier

What sweet photos of your Gracie! Oh, my - I can't believe all you've been going through. Glad the Dr. finally diagnosed & knew what to give you. Keep on going on that recovery!!!

Linda Peterson

Love your sweet pictures!
I had Lyme Disease in 1991, and your symptoms are very similar to mine. After 3 weeks of antibiotics, I felt much better. Along with the rash, I had migratory arthritis---severe pain in 2 different joint (which varied every day), that started each day about 3pm. I pray that you feel much better really soon.

Ann Schach

My thought are with you, Mary, as you continue your journey to recovery.

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