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September 09, 2012


Lynne Hurlburt

Good Morning Mary: No, I have never seen pink sunflowers til your picture. Awesome!! We just had a transformer blow someplace close and now we can hear firetrucks etc as security alarms have probably been set off all over. We had no electric ( we call it hydro ) for about 30 minutes. Have a great day. Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne


Wow , pink sunflowers, it is gorgeous, as always gorgeous pictures !



Great pictures, Mary, and no, I have never even heard of pink sunflowers! They are awesome!!


Such pretty sunflowers Mary. I love the pink one. I've never seen one before. Hope you had a great weekend! I am sure you did fine with the photo Mary. You have such a neat eye for the details!

Gina Wrona

nope cannot say that i've ever seen a pink sunflower, didn't know they even existed until your awesome pic!

too bad you weren't in MI, I have to pick up alex' senior proofs from the school recommended studio and it costs $125 deposit to take the proofs out which will eventually go towards the pkg we end up buying. However, I had a $200 emergency car repair, replaced the hub assembly & spindle left rear tire. Mechanic was surprised that the wheel didn't fall off when I drove home from up north labor day weekend. He said he could move it 4 inches. I thanked God for keeping me safe and for him finding the used part compared to the dealer price of $1200!

Phillis Lindsay

I like the title of the blog which says It's All about the Journey. This is true. The destination doesn't matter to me. We learn and enjoy the most as we go along the way to our destination.

Sarah Miller

The flower, Sun flower, has been so memorable to me. When I was still a kid, my grandmother used to plant this flower at our garden because she felt like rejuvenated when seeing this one.

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