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May 31, 2012


Doris D.

I can relate to all of that. We have 6 acres and the work never ends. And as we get older it becomes harder and harder. I loved the photos of Wayne and your property. The last photo of Wayne relaxing is priceless.

Gina Wrona

You always take the best pics no matter what the subject matter is!

Love it all!

Peggy Maier

Beautiful photos, Mary! Love your brook - wish ours were more accessable. I agree, it's no fun getting older! I'm unable to plant flowers this year as I always did, but unlike Wayne, my husband won't. So I'm being content with pots of flowers this year! Blessings on you my friend

Keri Lee Sereika

I love the last photo of Wayne chillin on the bench....a much deserved break! :D


Wonderful pictures, Mary! Gosh, that would be awesome to have a brook on your property. What a lot of work, too. Perhaps if you asked someone to help ... just a thought. Have a great weekend this weekend, too.


Great photos Mary! The last one is just so precious. Just one of those that touches the heart. Simple, but beautiful!

Gail R.

Great photos, Mary! The brook looks so peaceful...what a beautiful property you have!

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