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November 01, 2009


Lynne Hurlburt

Good Morning Mary: Nice cars,you both look so happy with them. You couldn't have gone for a walk if you had been here yesterday, it was so very windy, you would have got blown away ha ha ha It did settle down by the time the kids were out trick or treating though. We really didn't get too many kids this year, but I think it was cuz it was so cold. Nice to get that extra hour's sleep this morning ( yawn) Have a great day, Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne

Cheryl Sims

Mary, what beautiful cars. My daughter has a Nissan Maxima that is 10 years old and going strong. I am sure you are going to love your Sentras. I think I would like one of them too! Great photos. Congrats on all of these great walks you are taking. I am proud of you.

Linda C.

This little lady looks sweet all dressed up with a pink bow - the green is a great accent color! Also like the boy bear you did in the last post - they are cute! I'm in upstate NY and our leaves are all down - I have to wait another year for all of those beautiful colors again!

Ann Schach

I love your card! The colors are just super! And the little BAB images are so sweet. Your photography always amazes me! I would have loved to have seen the calf...baby cows are sooooo cute. Thanks for playing @ PPA!


Super cute card, Mary! Nice cars, too. Kind of scary to get lost on your walk, but I'm glad you are still having nice enough weather to go walking in! And, I'm glad you found your way home:)

Sabrina aka okimom2girlz

Mary, love that cute card!!! Oh my goodness, you both got new cars, wow!!! You are blessed. I am really glad you did not get lost to where Wayne would have have to drive around in the dark trying to find you. You know GOD was with you and guided you to the right way home ;D. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Hugs and blessings, Sabrina

Gail R.

Cool cars and a beary cute card, Mary! I think that I might have been a little panicky if I had gotten lost. I panicked at a mall one day when I forgot where I parked! Have a great week....hope you have nice weather for your walks.

Mary Redford

Mary , your card is as beauithful as always my friend and I love that red car to Wayne. Our New Ford F-150 with a cap on the back is bright Red... when i get some pictures I'll put them on the blog..lol wink..
Have a great week you two..
Hugs Mary R.

Heather "Hev"

Hi Mary :)

Lovely card - so adorable :)

Your cars look fab too :) Not sure which colour I would pick.....

Thank you for stopping by my blog - I really appreciate it :)

Margaret Moody

Such a cute card, Mary! I love your cute little bear in her pretty dress! Love those pink shoes, too! I always enjoy your wonderful pictures and interesting stories, too! Great job with the challenge! Thanks for sharing!

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