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June 24, 2009


Wendy Gorton

Hi Mary,

I love, love, love your card. I don't see any of the mistakes you mention, but I do see a wonderful creation. I'm collecting Copics and have been buying the lowest and the highest number for blending. That way I can make all the shades in between.


Peggy Maier

I don't have many Copics, but those do have I use a LOT! I really like using the different tones of grey as well for shading & outlining. Your card turned out fine- I think you did a great job!

Sandy Knecht

Very nice for your first try. It does take practice. I too love seeing the jets and helicopters flying. I don't like the sound of race cars. Too loud! You can have our heat. It will be 99 Saturday and that doesn't include the heat index. We've also had rain in Missouri which has made the humidity miserable. I HATE HOT! Enjoy your weekend, Mary!


Hi Mary
so nice talking to you. I really enjoyed your post and I think your card came out good. Have a great day.


Hi Mary, i think your card turned out great! i don't see any mistakes, but i am just learning about copics myself. I also love to see a group of motorcycles. We have been having Harley meetings here and i LOVE to see them riding all dressed in the leather and the cycles making a roaring sound. I am 60 yrs. old i shouldn't get excited over something like that. LOL


Mary... you are too hard on your self! The colors are fantastic! Love the image. TFS!

Anne Harmon (jdmommy)

Mary, you did a wonderful job on your first copic......and learned a lot along the way! (Maybe this is why I have steered clear of them.....it's hard to teach an OLD dog new tricks!) We have NOT seen the sun at all, and i am getting very cranky! Enjoy viewing the trucks, etc. What fun.....and I loved your card!!


Mary this card came out so beautiful! You are way too hard on yourself but as crafters we tend to be very critical of ourselves I think.

I have a friend that I used to work with that is into all that Nascar stuff & she & her family go up to NH for that a lot, so I think they will probably be there this weekend. Have a great weekend!

Hugs Rita

Mary Redford

Oh Mary I dont see any thing wrong with your card it is wonderful, and i have some of thoese markers and I dont know how to use them either its the D 36 and I think they are cop//C ciao.TOO they dont have any letters onthe top or numbersthey are from japan...thanks and I dont know how to use them either......>>>

Mary Redford

Heather "Hev"

You are being way too harsh on yourself!!

Your colouring is awesome :)

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