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May 16, 2009


Joan B

Sadly, I totally understand. I was awesome for 3 months, but fell off the wagon. But still a hundred times better than last year..

Sheesh, we sound like crack addicts...

Peggy Maier

Oh my, you did go a little bit overboard, Mary! But there's always tomorrow (like Scarlett O'Hara said). Sounds like you're doing well with your therapy - keep up the good work!

Laurie Fowler

OH............thank you!!!!! I thought I was out of control....but it seems we are a "GROUP"!!!! Yes it is "CRAZY"....new paper, buttons to match.....new dies....new stamps...new colours....oolala...how can one help themself!!!!????? I think I just need to stay out of the stores and blow up my computer. LOL....,.thanks for sharing. I have no words of wisdom as I am in need of some also!!!!! Going to Buffalo CK at end of the month...so no plans on behaving until maybe June (maybe not)!!!!! LOL
Laurie Fowler

Deborah Young

You're in good company. I "took off" the spring months to help my mom post-surgery. Then I realized that I could still shop on-line, and boy did I shop!
Had to tell you that I just bought those Making Memories Black Tie buttons this past Friday. I picked them up and put them down three times. The last time I put them down, however, was on the checkout counter!


Ut oh !! You are forgiven as I think we all know what it is like to have that awful addiction of " Gotta Have" All you can do Mary is keep trying ha ha ha Life does have a way of getting in our way at times, doesn't. I always tell myself, I will have some cards on hand so that I don't have to rush when I need one BUT that never seems to happen around here anyways. Have a great day. Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne


Hi Mary I swear it's the spring air ...I went to Joann's and they had glitter paper on sale ...I had trouble getting all my paper to the car! Lol
Did I need paper nooooo ....Love Doreen


Wow, you have been a naughty girl! I have as well but I have an excuse to tell hubby for all the spendingthat I've been doing...I have to have it for the shower & wedding stuff I'm making! Hehehe!!! Well that will only last for a few more months now & then it will be back to no spending for awhile. I know how you feel, it's so hard when you see things that you just have to have, we need to start our own stampers anonymous club hahaha!!! I'm glad that you are doing well, take care Mary!


Yummy things Mary! I hope you'll have some time to play with these. :o) I would have to join that club too!

Dottie K

Hi Mary, I think it's spring. Time for new things. I was being good for several months then spring hit and just wanted to get out the house and enjoy being outside. So of course I headed to a few scrapbook stores and there went being good. But I have to say you brought home more stuff than me. It's good to know I'm not alone. I just said, ok I have to get back on track. But I have been busy, just this week I made 3 8X8 albums and working on 40 bridal thank you notes for a gift. So I'm using some of those new things. Hopefully will get even more done this week. Can't wait to see what you're creating. Love that hen from Lockhart - don't have that one but thought about it. Glad to hear you're out and about and doing better. Later...Dottie


Hey girl SCORE!! Love all that loot you got especially Memory Box, Basic Grey, and Lockheart stamps. I have bought my share too let me tell you. So glad to read your blog. I miss you. we need to talk how about thurs. or friday any time????

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