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May 22, 2009


Dottie K

Beautiful Card Mary! Enjoy the photo shoot with Molly and Brian. Hope she has a wonderful time at Prom. Have a great weekend! :)

Peggy Maier

I know you'll get some great pictures of Molly & Brian. Love the card - cardinals are my favorite bird (I'm looking at one out the window right now at my bird feeders). The paper you used is gorgeous!


Pretty card, Mary! Good luck to you - I hope you win!


Beautiful card, Mary. I love cardinals. . they're beautiful and your card is beautiful! Love the red color and pretty paper that you used. Such a pretty design.

My daughter had her prom yesterday too but she didn't attend. Her friends decided they didn't want to attend mainly because of the cost. . .it was beyond what they could afford so my daughter decided she didn't want to attend either. What's a prom if your close friends are not attending.

Hope Molly & Brian had a fun time at the prom!


Keri Lee Sereika

What a great card Mary!

The boys love it when the cardinals show up at our backyard and they always whisper in excited tones, "Mommy, mommy quick...the Daddy cardinal is here" LOL They are so cute!

Nancy P.

This turned out gorgeous Mary.....really stunning!

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