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March 05, 2009



hey mary. cute card. I'm alive. More snow. wow. miss you.


Mary, this card is adorable, love your layout and the label.



Very cute card, Mary. He will love it!

Peggy Maier

Hope Wayne's back is MUCH improved. Your little grandson is sure to love this card. (Very creative move with that Q-tip!)


I cannot believe that only Maine separates us and we have so much snow on the ground in New Brunswick, Canada I am sure we could supply the Earth's population with 10 snow cones apiece!

Joan Bb

That card is so cute. I'm sure Caleb (love that name) will love it. We also got snow last Monday -- but only about 5 inches. Today it is so warm that almost all of it is gone. And that is almost all of our snow for the entire year! (sorry!!).


What a cute card Mary, he's going to luv it!

How is Wayne doing? Hope he's healing well & taking it easy, sometimes that's so hard for men to do.

Patti J.

Your cards are so beautiful! We were surprised today with 82 degrees in Missouri! (Of course, it could be 22 tomorrow - lol)! Thanks for dropping by my blog! And don't you just love Stamp TV???

Patti J.

Holy smokes - your craft room is phenomenal!!! Yikes! How amazing!


Hi Mary! Thank you for congratulating me on my being a gardener! I really do appreciate it.

Your birthday card is so darn cute. Beautiful job coloring the image and love those googly eyes! It makes the moose so much more cuter!

I'm sorry you have a lot of snow where you live. I live in California but it's been pretty cold lately but nothing like where you're at. . LOL!


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