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February 24, 2009


Beverly A

Wow, I hope that things start improving for you and your family! I'm glad that no one was seriously hurt from all of the happenings these past few days.
You did a great job with that stool. I also loved your snow & ice pictures; the trees look so beautiful.


Bless your heart, i will be thinking of you



Oh no Mary, my heart goes out to you and of course sending you prayers. Sure hope Wayne is on the mend real soon. Loved your stool and candlestick, you did an awesome job. It is always nice to have a different hobby to do and so rewarding. Take a deep breath don't overdue. ttys (((( BIG HUG,)))) Lynne

Sandy K

My, my, you and your family have been through a lot lately! The story ended well thank God. I pray that there is no more drama to you all except for happy things. Due take that deep breath and take care of yourself while taking care of others. You have been blessed!

Keri Lee Sereika

Ok well first off, that stool and candle set is FABULOUS! What a great deal on all of it too!

Second, Mary I am so glad you are all ok after all the trials you have had these past few days! YIKES!!! Take it easy and try not to over do it while playing nurse!!!



Good Grief Mary ~ You have really had a plate full lately!!! I love the stool and the candle stick...you are so creative...the slide show was awesome as I live in Alabama and we very rarely even get snow...Here's hoping that you and yours stay safe and healthy :)

Peggy Maier

Mary, I loved the snow pictures! I know it's hard to get around in, but it IS so pretty. Sorry for all the trials you're experiencing, but just remember that God is in control!


Mary, you're in our thoughts for sure. Families are wonderful aren't they? So is new fallen snow. Great job as usual with your smilebox. Really cute stool and candlestick. We'll send our thoughts and prayers and enjoy your previous smileboxes until you return. Pam


I am so sorry to read all this Mary and that I missed your call on Monday.

Please take it easy.


I luv what you did with this stool & candle holder! You made something beautiful out of a bargain & that is always a good thing! Great job!

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