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November 15, 2008



We also have to cut way back on Christmas this year, because I lost my job 2 weeks ago. I am trying to find another job, but it is really hard right now. The older boys really want an Xbox 360 as a gift together, so I am selling stuff on ebay to try to get enough money to buy that, but it will be very hard if I don't! My youngest wants an iPod, but said it's ok if he doesn't get one. What a sweetie!
Anyway, great giveaway! I have recently gotten into stamping, so I have very few stamp sets!:)


judy Anderson

1. I am practicing momentum driving.
2. Driving at reduced speed.
3. Not accelerating engine.
4. All gifts are paper craft projects.
5. One Christmas we gave each other pics that we cut from catalogs as gifts. This was our worst and also most memoriable holiday.
6. Another Christmas I took the ten of us that had gathered to the local grocery store. I gave each member about ten dollars with which we hand to purchase presents for the other family members stocking stuffers. Things like envies, scotch tape, pencils, band aids, etc. With ten of us shopping we would pass each other and check out what someone else was buying for ideas. This was before dollar stores. I'd go there now. Grandma and grandpa didn't want to do this but ended up having fun.
7. Another Christmas we gave a special treasure from our house as a gift to someone else. I received a special album of poems from my MIL.
8, This year my dog and I are celebrating our 70 birthday together. Gifts must be for the dogs and then donated to Hope.

Cheryl Sims

Hi Mary, glad to hear from you. We are going to have to cut down this year because my husband just lost his job yesterday--we are in shock and not sure what will happen to us at this point. I am planning to make all our gifts this year except for the grandkids and not sure what we will do with theirs. Our son is getting married right after Christmas and I am thinking about making them a bunch of thank you cards as a gift until we can do more. This has blindsided us and we are still in shock so I am anxious to read everyones ideas. I guess I don't buy any more stamps, huh? Thanks Mary for the chance to win a set. Keep getting better, ok?
Cheryl Sims

Beverly A

Saving in this economy is a great topic; I'm sure that we will all get some new ideas of ways to save money. We have been consolidating car trips and driving the vehicle that uses less gas to save money. We stay home more, eat in and play board games or make puzzles with the kids. We think twice before we buy something and we have set a limit on what we will spend per person this Christmas, something that seems to have gotten out of hand these last few years. Thanks for the chance at some blog candy and for sharing your talent with all of us.


I love your bog, and I always smile when I see you walking, I just know you're thinking of stamping !

Lynne Hurlburt

My prayers sure go out to everyone it these trying times. I won't even go into our problems right now as everyone has their own. But I am not buying for anyone but the Grandchildren this year. I also think I am going to talk to some of the neighbours to have a get together ( pot luck ) as a few of them live alone and don't have any family close.
Hope you are mending day by day Mary, sure miss your blog. Have a good one, Hugs n'
Stuff, Lynne


First of all you did a great job as always on your page layouts, so pretty!

I am also cutting down on my Christmas shopping & not spending as much. Also I'm trying to curb my spending on stamping but that's a hard one to do right now so I think I'll attempt that one after the holidays!

Jenny Mick

Love your blog! The pages are great. I still haven't tried digital but I should!!

To cut down on spending, we are giving less this year and I've told myself I can't buy any new decorations this year!!


Thanks for the chance to win this set - I don't even own it, but I have the matching rub-ons. How fun it would be to have the stamps to go with them!

I have not been buying any stamping/card-making stuff unless I have a 50% off coupon. And even then, I often walk away empty-handed. I have always been one to be quite frugal!

linda patti

my husband retired in MARCH, so we have been conserving on spending since that, combining trips for errands, of course clipping coupons, recycling, and I am making an effort to finally USE lots of my 'stash' of supplies before i purchase new items.

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