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November 24, 2008


Shannon M

Gorgeous card!!!

Debbie Olson

It's beautiful, Mary--rich colors and a gorgeous bow too!

Joan B

Wow, what a great card and no stamps. Glad you are well enough to create and type.

Peggy Maier

Beautiful! You certainly have a knack for putting together the right colors! You & I must be a lot alike - in your first tag, I have 4 out of 6 of your "quirks". HA!


Mary, i think your card is very pretty. Love the colors you chose. Love your new picture. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.



Hi Mary my computer crashed and I got it back in a wonky way ...I get my emails but can't reply! It lets me leave a message sooo here is my thanks for mini cake -Super- I'm going to try it!
#1 eyeball done and #2 gets done on the 9th of Dec ...ugh can't see! I thought the cataracts were bad but this is worse!
Mac is running around but he watches where I am all the time as if he knows I'm in trouble.
New computer in January when I can go to the store...Happy Turkey Day and much love Doreen

The Queen


Thanks so much for tagging me and I plan on doing your UHU sketch along with the photo challenge. Glad you're getting back to "normal" Have a great Turkey Day. Cheryl in Maine


I love all the quirky things I learned about you today, Mary. Actually, I don't think they are that quirky, because I can't stand to wear tight clothing or eat white bread, either.

Your card is amazing. I am always so in awe of your work. If I had even half of your talent, I still wouldn't be able to create something this beautiful. You manage to put so many elements together and still do it in lickity split time. Now you see why I'm in awe of your work!! I would love to spend even ONE day learning from you in your studio.

I hope you are healing and hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and peaceful.


What a pretty card! I actually love that it has no stamps on it, and that may be quirky of me,lol!


Keri Lee Sereika

Great card Mary! I am so happy to see you were able to some great PAPER crafting! :)

Thanks for the tag...but I will have to pass...time it tight!

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