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October 18, 2008


Terry Molineux

I know I have been away awhile but what ma I missing here? What happened???

Peggy Maier

So glad you're able to type again, Mary! I've certainly missed seeing your blog updates!

Sandy K

Mary I'm so sorry you hurt yourself. I did not see an entry of what happened. I'm sure glad you are going to be okay with lots of loving attention by Wayne and your PT. Sending prayers your way.


Hi Mary
I am so happy to read your blog update. I love the picture. I survived the Halloween stamping party on Sat. nite. We had a ball as usual. I will try to mail you a card this week. I am embarrassed I have not done it sooner. I'm sending you big hugs and praying for you that you heal soon. You have lots of fans Mary and we love you lots especially me. I love all your pictures. It makes me so homesick. Get well soon and do not over do it. I know you Mary, you work hard each and every day. Get some rest. Hi to Nursie Wayne!!!


I missed the update saying you had been injured. I am so sorry. Take it easy and do exactly what your PT person tells you to do. You will heal much faster and be much stronger if you do. I had rotator cuff surgery a couple of years ago and know PT hurts like the dickens but it also helps tremendously.

Take care of yourself.

Cheryl Sims

I was so happy to see that you had updated when it showed up in my reader. Mary, I am sorry that you had to get hurt. You are a fighter and I know that you will get better fast. Keep the smile on your sweet face and know that all of us in bloggerland are pulling for you.


Hi mary
good to have you back ...when you are up to it email me your addy I've torn the house apart and can't find it!
I had 2 broken ribs and a fractured wrist so I know where you are ...slap an ice pack on it works better than pain pills and helps it heal faster 20 minutes on 2 hours off! Love ya D

Brenda in Indy

I'm so sorry Mary that you got hurt. I, too, missed what happened, but I was hoping you were okay since you hadn't blogged since you returned from your trip up north. Hope you aren't in too much pain and heal quickly. Don't try to do too much to soon. Good luck to you.

Gail R.

So sorry that about your injuries....Hurry and get well....God Bless......Gail R.


So sorry to hear you had an accident. We didn't know but I have been watching for the NH fall pictures. Hope you are feeling a little better each day. I miss you when you don't blog.

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