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June 21, 2008


Keri Lee Sereika

This card is so cute...and your photo is FABULOUS! The DOF is WONDERFUL! You really paid attention to your aperture on this one Mary!!! the colors are so vivid...well done!


Cute card and a beautiful picture of the American Goldfinches.


another beautiful post and I love the bird photo. Your A Muse card is so sweet Mary. You write such nice things on your blog Mary. You are so sweet. You can always make me smile. Good nite and you are a very good photographer. I'm so happy you joined the photo club. Good for you. Have a nice Sunday. I got trapped in an auto show parade but I didn't mind. Then right before I got home tonight a terrible accident had just happened on the freeway and it was alcohol related. The police and ambulance had not arrived yet and it just made me so sick. TTYL SMILE.....says Mary for the camera and at the end of another beautiful post. hugs.....tami


Something about your posts that is so relaxing. You definitely have a way with words as well as cards and photography. Loved the card and the photo was breathtaking. Please keep sharing.

Shannon Madore

WOW, Your picture IS AWESOME .....And that card is also Great work !!!


Hi, Mary....Adorable card!! Love the picture of your hungry finches! Yes, bird pictures are so difficult to catch, but well worth the effort.
Kathy M.


Hi Mary can you email me please, I have a question for you and I can not get to your address. Thanks Eieen


Sorry Mary I guess it would help to leave my email address [email protected] Eileen

Stamper Gail

Sweet card Mary and I really love the finch photo too! Aren't they so beautiful? I have a yard full all summer and most of the winter too.


Beautiful card...those owls are adorable!
Love that picture of the birds! We saw a beautiful bird (I think it was a cardinal but it seemed more orange than red)on the way home from New Jersey. I

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