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May 28, 2008


Joan B

Wow, Mary, that picture of the trees is worth framing. Stunning.

Glad to hear from you!!


Hi Mary Hope you gave me a wave as you went by???
I've been busy making cards ...send an email when you have a minute! D

Erika Martin - Stampin' Mama

I think the last time I was in downtown Concord was in middle school when we went to the state house on a field trip.

Congrats on winning my mom's cook book give-away! I can't think of a sweeter person to win it!

Peggy Maier

I'm loving all the photos Mary - so beautiful! (And yes, the trees do remind me of the Black Forest, the way they grow so close together. I've been there & it's a gorgeous place) Have a blessed day. Glad your room is almost finished!

Doris Diggs

Your photographs are lovely. I am sure you will be a hit in class. The trees are indeed just what I remember about the Black Forest. Thanks for sharing.


Hi Mary
We could never get tired of seeing all your pictures, seeing the one of your husband taking down wallpaper gave me nightmares. I did that ONCE. The trees are soooooo beautiful. Wished i lived closer to see all the nature around you in person. Have a great day.


Your photos are amazing. You have a great eye for composition. Love the trees. It would have been nice to take a second picture of the tree setting with that man walking towards you or away from you closer to the end of the row or even leaning up against the tree. Great shots. You sure have a good instructor and you or a great student.

Keri Lee Sereika

Great shots Mary! I really like the trees one! I love that they are nearly perfectly spaced like that...what a neat shot...

Wow, so what color is Wayne painting the bedroom??? I am thinking I am going to paint mine a light blue, with chocolate and ivory accents....


Hey, I love seeing your photo's, I just wish I could figure out my camera, duh duh I especially liked the clock !! Thanks for sharing them. Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne


HA HA HA! Mary, you would never get anything done in my house! LOL!! Seriously though...I have been to the Black Forest in Germany and yes...the trees look very much like that and your picture of them is simply breathtaking! You are getting SO good at this!

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