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April 19, 2008



Thanks for sharing all your goodies, they look fab! I can't wait to go up there & visit this stamp store!!! I told my hubby I'm going to be like a kid in a candy store, so much to pick from, I'm sure I will be there for hours! I'm trying to talk him into going to NH for the Triathalon that my son is going to be doing in June, so maybe....we shall see!


You are such a sweetheart to mention my contest! Thanks!!!

BTW, I am drooling over that twill tape. Oh the possibilities!


You always find the neatest things. I would be broke if I went shopping with you ( wink ) Our snow is completely gone with our beautiful weather. Have a great day. Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne


You are a very busy woman, Mary! I would love to hear more about your photography class.....please share! The photography magazine looks very interesting....I will have to try and find a source for purchasing one.
Sure wish I had a stamp store close by that had all the goodies that you are able to purchase......lucky you!!!
I always enjoy your blog entries.....you are one of my "favorites"!!!


Hi Mary
Good for you taking a photography course! I'd thought about a photoshop course but of course I'd need good photos to play with....
I'm green with envy for those new ribbons!

Keri Lee Sereika

Oh what fun stuff...I want to come stamp with you!!!


Christy (Tiddly Inks)

I enjoyed reading your blog! :D
Have a great day!


Mary, I'm so glad you're thrilled with the twill you purchased from my store! Thanks for mentioning it on your blog!

Michelle Buschur

Love seeing all of your new goodies... Can't wait to see some photos showing us what you have learned at your class... Hope you are doing well...

Big Hugs,

Lisa Banks

Wow Mary you have been a busy beaver. I just hate it when I lose something that I typed. Can't wait to see all your new photo's.


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