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January 17, 2008



Wow! I luv your card Mary! He's going to luv it. Your right about the paper piecing making this card pop, it's beautiful!


Looks Yummy to be sure!!
I am getting used to the Prisma pencils and Gamsol finally.. starting to "get it" not great by any means but slowly if you know what I mean.
Looks like another few inches over night and freezing rain.. Wonder if we will have School.. It's a half day tomorrow here in my lil town of 9,000 folks anyway! Night.


Oh, the coffee. I just read the whole entry. SO sorry! Caffienne?
I drink a 2 liter bottle of Diet Coke a day............I had to switch to decaf and the headaches were terrible & migraines too so be prepared, best of luck. Lay low for a few ays. 72% chocolate is good stuff by the way!


Oh, no, so sorry, no coffee !! Can you drink tea or is it NO CAFFIENNE ?? Just think of the extra money for stamps ha ha ha Water is actually the best and try putting a slice of fresh lemon in it. I drink way too much coke and should quit too. :o( Luv the card. Take care, Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne

Jana Weaver

I've weaned myself off caffiene a few times. What I love to drink now in place of my daily dose of coffee is Rooibus tea. It's a wonderful, naturally decafinated tea from South Africa. In the US it is often called Red Bush tea (the literal translation) And there are MANY flavors! I like it because it still actually tastes like tea (unlike herbal teas) but has NO caffeine!

Love the card...that plaid paper is perfect for a boy card!!


your card looks good enough to eat !!! Love it !!!


Hi Mary. I think your cupcake card on plaid is so handsome (I sound like Carol Duvall, but I couldn't say cut for a 14 yr old boys card. I have a 14 yr old girl at home and I know how sensitive they are!LOL) With regards to your coffee, while I admit I still drink 1 cup of home brew each day, the only other thing I drink is water. You will find you will come to love it and nothing will be quite the same. But you have to get used to it!



No Coffee, I totally understand your apprehension. I've had to stop also but did find this. Silk it's a soy based drink, it comes in a ton of flavors my two favorites are mocha and chai. What's even better is that you can drink it cold or hot! I can't do chocolate either cause of the milk part but you're right anything over 72% is okay. You have to try lots of differnt brands. I get mine from the Whole Food Grocer. Not sure if you have one in your area. If you need more tips let me know, I just found out I can't have wheat, yeast, milk, eggs, & green beans. So for a month now I've have been finding some very yummy substitutes. Take care and fantastic card. I love how you made it totally masculine. He'll love it!

Dottie K.

Hi Mary, Suggestion-try propel water, it's flavored. Cheapest price I've found is Walmart. Love them especially peach - I don't like peaches. Go figure!!! I drink decaf tea had to cut back on caffeine also. Love the plaid cupcake card. Looks yummy!!!! I'm sure he will love it. We got snow (4 inches). Now I don't need anymore for the rest of the winter. :)

Michelle Buschur


I love the cupcake card! Your nephew will love it too! I will pray for you that going off coffee will be easy...I love Snapple...they have lots of flavors and are so refreshing...

Have a great weekend!

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