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August 11, 2007


A. Sanborn

You took the words right out of my mouth Mare! It was a FUN-tabulous day spent with not one, BUT two new friends... Tami & Michelle! Both of you wonderful ladies rock! Mare we've certainly had a wonderful year meeting blogger's and designer's alike?! LOVE your post Mare... Mare's more detailed where I'm more of the "sportscaster" type with the quick replay! LOL...

Have a day as special as you are my friend... I'll chat with you during the week! Tami if your reading this, which I know you will! *wink* Have a safe trip back to MN and let us know if you do come home at Christmas... we all might be able to squeeze in a "stamp date!" *wink* You might try sneakin' Kristina in your luggage?! *wink*

Anne :)

Peggy Maier

Sounds like you had a happy, full day Mary! What fun to meet an online friend & get to visit.


hi Mary
What a nice report of our fun shopping day. You rock Mary. I wish I could have stayed longer but I'm so grateful for the time we did have with each other. I will keep in touch for sure with you and Anne. You two are so so nice and I can't wait to meet the other girl Elizabeth. My vacation is coming to an end but it has been totally awesome this year. Big hugs and I hope your party is so fun on Sunday and that your day is filled with love, smiles, and sunshine just like you Mary....you are my little sunshine. You are a beautiful person on the inside and outside Mary and YOU WILL come to MN with Anne! Love, Tami


I'm jealous!!! Sounds like you gals had a Blast!!! Thanks for sharing your fun filled adventure....Love seeing ALL the pictures of you gals...


Dottie K

Wow what a wonderful day you had. That is so cool you got to meet up with Tami and have some fun. It's really nice to shop at a store that makes you feel like you're a friend and that's what Michelle did. Can just tell both of these ladies are warm and friendly by the way you have spoken about them. Wow can't wait to see what you create with all new goodies. Love those stamps. I so enjoy reading your blog and chatting with you. Hope you have a wonderful day. TFS :)

Stamper Gail

Oh you naughty, naughty girl. Pretty soon Wayne is going to have to build you your own huge one room house to store all your purchases! So glad you had such a wonderful day with your friends Mary. I told Ann that I just might join you two on one of your adventures sometime.

Keri Lee Sereika

WOW what a great day Mary!!! I want to come do some shopping, eating and chatting with you!!!!! Love the new Memory Box papers you bought...I have been wanting those for awhile now....I just keep forgetting to place the order...


OOHHH, I am so glad you all had such a special day! I so wish I could have been there! Someday, I am so getting together with you and Anne! A trip to Minnesota? You are such a sweetheart! It comes through in all you do! Tami just raved about you and Anne! I feel so blessed to have gotten to know you! ((hugs))


Thank you so much for your kind words about me and my store. I so enjoyed hosting your get together with Anne and Tami. It is such a pleasure to be in the presence of such talented and beautiful artists that inspire others with their excitement. Keep your enthusiasm for your passion alive and well always.
- Michelle


Sounds like you had a wonderful day. I'm so glad that you enjoy yourself once in a while. You do too much!

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