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July 29, 2007


Jan Scholl

I did nothing other than move crap fromone place to another and poke around. I had hubby drive me to pick up my tickets for the stamp convention in NOvi and we ate Korean. Met up with daughter and bought some fabric to make shades. stopped and got the dog some ice cream and came home and watched the game. Sunday got up late after living on the heating pad for several hours. got brunch, came home and putzed. I accomplished really nothing-oh, sent in my application for a half marathon in late September but I didnt run all weekend. what am I thinking? I just putzed

Dottie K

Hi Mary, Now that's a ribbon jar! I started cleaning my ribbon area on Friday and ventured into other areas of my scraproom but didn't have time to finish. I know what you mean about storage - that's why I rearranged my ribbon. I store my ribbon on shelves my husband made that I got the idea from a blog awhile ago. It's a 2X4 that my husband put a strip of wood on the front and back and mounted to the wall in my closet. I just line them up. Only problem is I need more and there isn't any space. Hopefully you got further than me in your room. I had my newphew's 7th birthday party this weekend. Lots of fun. Made a card for an online contest and put my first card on the internet under Hallmark Scrapbooking. I need to set up a SCS gallery - this is all new to me. May try that venture next. Can't wait to see what you post next. TFS! Enjoy your blog!!

Elizabeth Royalty

Beautiful way to store that ribbon!!! Actually got a little scrapbook thrown together this weekend! whew! thank goodness for a little "downtime" in the household due to rain! we let the boys veg out and watch a couple of movies....

Also, here's my 2cents: I would try posting your stamp sets either on your blog or on Craig's list. That way you won't have to pay all the extra $ and go through the pain (especially mailing) that ebay can be. I posted my sets on Craigs list on my first day of vacation, got an email about 2 hours later and the lady bought ALL of them and picked them up that afternoon! It was awesome!

Ally B

I love this idea for ribbon storage!! I have been useing mason jars and seprating by color family but this idea is decorative to!! I think I might just have to be on the lookout for something like this!!

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