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April 29, 2007



How fun!!
Here's my tip.

I keep my ribbon on the spool and it always wants to unravel. So, rather than using pins ( ouch!!) I put a touch of repositionable adhesive at the end and stick it down. It stays in place AND I can pull it off and one end stays in place on the card or page when I actually use it.




They look like fun stamps to use. Okay my tip is not exactly a tip but.. - do not hide your stamps away in a drawer or you will forget what you have and not use them all. As I have just reorganised mine and found stamps I forgot I had lol


My tip would be to use your own handwriting, at least some of the time. I don't like my handwriting but I so cherish the notes from my mother and grandmothers and seeing the things they took the time to write is always so precious for me that I'm trying hard not to deny that feeling to my own children. I might not like my penmanship but it's all mine and precious to them.


Gosh...I feel like there is nothing I could tell you that you probably don't already know! I did find that soaking my rubber in olive oil for a few hours did remove some stubborn craft ink stains! Cheers to you Mary!


Hmm... Could I tell my tip in Finnish? Would be much easier? Anyway, my tip is always think twice before actually doing anything. Be careful and accurate.


I have learned not to put a sentiment on my cards (but leave a place to put it) Then I stamp it when I need it. Florals are great for this as you can use them for birthdays, anniversarys, get well, sympathy etc.

Cheryl Sims

Me,give you, Mary, a tip????? You are the one always giving me tips!!! My tip would be to remember to stamp the envelope with something matching when you are stamping the card. The matching envelope gives the receiver something to look forward to and is just that finishing touch. There, I did it!!! I gave Mary a tip!! Thanks for the offer of the blog candy.
Cheryl Sims

Monika Thiessen

well, make sure to write something next to your scrapbook page otherwise with time you might forget exactly what happen that day. Plus it is nice to have everything in one room, too much work getting things together from all over the house.

Cheryl Kelly-Van Domelen

My tip is that if you place the rubber of a stamp on the wood mount incorrectly, you just need to pop it in the microwave for a few seconds. Then you can peel it off and put it back on! Thanks!

Sharon in NE

I store my unmounteds in empty VCR cases. I bought a bunch on ebay for next to nothing. I stamp the unmounteds on the size of paper which will fit under the plastic sheeting on the case. (These cases came from a movie rental place.) I stamp all of those that I will store inside the case and then on the "spine" area I write essentially what is in there. I photocopy this paper. The original goes around the vcr case (protected by the plastic covering). The unmounted stamps go inside and it fits nicely in a plastic drawer with other containers. With the photocopy, I put it in a plastic sleeve in a notebook, so I know exactly what stamps I have without having to open any drawers.

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