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March 27, 2007



Great blog candy. My name is Diane and I live in Southern Ontario, Canada.

irene (shani's mom)

i hope i win, i hope i win.... i'm a libra and very indecisive.

Jan Scholl

Something about myself? hmmm....I collect vegetarian cookbooks-to read. I love looking at the photos and the layouts and sometimes I even cook something from them. I have abut 300 now, and am always looking for more.


I am an SU demo from canada, I have a fur baby named Cara who blogs...click on my link to read about her adventures LOL!
I know...I am beyond hope!
If I win I will donate the set to my local Ronald McDonald House. :-)


I love stopping by your blog as I love to see all your lovely cards. Something about me - I am a constant worrier.


Love reading your blog and seeing your beautiful cards! I have 8 kids from 25 all the way down to 1 yr. old!


Hey Mary...hmm, something about me...

I just handed in my resignation and now am playing phone tag with my boss who doesn't want me to leave (secretly, I don't want to talk to him because I am afraid I will cave in!)...cheers!

Terry Molineux

Okay a little about myself. I have been a SU demonstrator since 11/03...struggling a bit but hopefully I will come out of it. I have been for the past two weeks listening to CDs from Convention 2004 and 2006 (I forgot to purchase 2005 dah!!!) anyhow I have been very inspired by Christina Crawford's way of doing a workshop....so I have one on 4/20 and I am definitely going to try it her way!!! Well almost her way she doesn't do any handson and I cannot change midway because the girls at this workshop have gone to the previous one....so I will have to see when I can change...she is in and out in 40 mins....and she has been top demonstrator of the year many time and top high sales...so she must be doing something right!! right?

I'd love to win!!!

Frances aka StampOwl

I enjoy reading your blog. Stamping is my biggest obsession, but next would be collecting anything owl related.


Something about myself, I am a paperholic I can't walk into a store without buying some sort of paper BG and of course it is all to pretty to use~! I will soon be reaching 50!


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