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February 28, 2007


Jan Scholl

You have a shelf for your Prima's? I have mine in a converted postal box for now. I have way too many and just ordered more because it was checkered and dotted-the new CHA 2007 ones are to die for! My problem is I want to dump them into a large canning jar and just pick and choose. My cats kept knocking off the jars and boxes so I bought a huge jar at Hobby Lobby and they knocked that one off the table too! Its a real zoo here!


Wow! Beautiful! Looks great, and I bet you love your flowers. I have to say I don't have any yet. Got to get some of my own. (with those lovely bottles). Please don't stress yourself about the tutorial. We'll wait. It was good to see you yesterday and thank you for all the goodies. :o)

A. Sanborn

LOVE your Prima's Mary! Where did you ever get all those lil' gems? Awe... Mary's really the sweetest. I can't wait until we get to spend our day together... I'll bring my camera too! *wink* Capital City had a black out... just to make me change my plans! *wink* So glad that we had the opportunity to meet after our e-mailing and blogging. *wink*


Nice tutorial. Thanks for sharing.

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