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February 27, 2007



I love tips like these!! I wish I could reach into the screen and take a bite! Looking forward to the tutorial.

Jana Weaver

This is just cruel! I LOVE brownies. They are probably my absolute FAVORITE food!! And, they just don't have Betty Crocker's Brownie mix here in Germany. I may have to import some via my next visitors!!!

Thanks for sharing the tips!


OMG I am SOOO there! GREAT looking brownies Mary! I'm so proud of you. I love the edges and my DH loves the middles so I usually cut about an inch in around the brownie and we're both happy! Plus that makes sure I don't eat too much. Somehow bc I stay home, things that are bad for me just call out my name lol.

I got my candy Mary!!! Thanks so much! Now if I can just get up enough guts to use it and not hoard it! lol I love it, thanks again!

bobbie Ü


Wow!!!! Yummy!!!!
This brownie made my mouth water... look so delicious!!!!

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